We believe the only way to obtain TRUE freedom, is through Jesus Christ. We believe in teaching, and applying biblical principles on how to maintain freedom. We teach bible study, and also gather every two years for our life-changing Trapped Queens conference. 

Melissa, known as "A piece of Mel," is a true servant after God's heart. As a licensed minister, she has the passion to spread the gospel, and teach God's word. She desires to reach a lost generation, and bring a new sound to the church. 

Melissa believes Trapped Queens is a new way to present the gospel. She believes this type of ministry, reaches a generation who has walked away from God.  

How do I know that I'm trapped?

Meet the founder

A Trapped Queen, is a woman who is trapped by something that prevents her from walking in her divine purpose. That something could be a wide range of things. We leave it open so that each woman can identify what she's trapped by, and won't be limited to what we consider to be common. 

How can I obtain freedom?

"Freedom comes with a price. You have to work hard to maintain your freedom, and use that same key to free someone else."

​                                          - Mel

What is Trapped Queens?

Anything that prevents you from moving forward entraps you. We've identified 7 common ways a person could be trapped;

  • Rejection
  • Bitterness/Hatred
  • Questioning your identity
  • Regret/guilt
  • Self-worth/self-esteem
  • Fear/doubt
  • Unforgiveness